Big Lobster Croquet Festival (Tournament), September 5-10

Woodlawn is pleased to announce the 2017 Big Lobster Croquet Festival (Tournament) will be held Wednesday, September 6 through Sunday, September10. The tournament includes five days of spirited croquet play on the coast of Maine and is sponsored by the Woodlawn Croquet Program. Spectators are welcome. The 2017 Big Lobster Invitational Croquet Festival aka “the […]

2017 Woodlawn Invitational Croquet Tournament

The Woodlawn Invitational Croquet Tournament will be held Thursday, June 15 to Sunday, June18.  Players enjoy four days of play on Woodlawn’s croquet court, Maine’s only tournament sized croquet court and several other courts in the area. Tournament play begins at 8 a.m. and winds up about 4 p.m. each day.  Spectators are welcome, free […]

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Outer Islands Croquet League Visits Woodlawn

The Woodlawn Croquet Players welcomed students, teachers, and chaperones from four of the six Outer Islands Teaching and Learning Collaborative (TLC) schools on Thursday, May 18 for a rollicking hour of croquet instruction and fun. After welcoming the nearly 20 students and equally as many teachers and chaperones, the group learned mallet grip, stance, and […]