Campaign for Woodlawn

Enhancing Community Pride and Sense of Place

Every Gift is a Welcome Gift

No matter how large or small, every gift is welcome in this community-wide effort to enhance, preserve and protect Woodlawn for generations to come. Under the terms of our $4 million challenge grant and $1 million challenge gifts, $1 you give will mean $3 for the project. You may make a one-time gift or make a pledge over five years.  We also welcome your thoughts on the project and our fundraising efforts.

Campaign Goals

The Campaign for Woodlawn will help fund the first phase of the Master Plan for Woodlawn. The campaign goals include:

  • Transforming the Carriage Barn into an engaging, year round space for student programs, large functions, changing exhibits, and other public programs.
  • Improving the landscape to facilitate increased use.
  • Increasing Woodlawn’s endowment to support expanded activities.

Read our testimonials.

Woodlawn kids inside
“I just like to learn where I could have been coming from and what has happened in the town I’m living in right now. Woodlawn is a really fun place to be.” – Conner, Ellsworth 5th Grade Student

Project Description

Lobby and Stairs

Carriage Barn
Woodlawn’s Carriage Barn, as it now stands, is a result of a reduction in size and remodeling in 1948. What is left of the altered barn is in a dilapidated condition. The Trustees’ plan is to reconstruct the barn to its original size and appearance, using as much of the existing fabric as possible. The newly constructed barn will hold educational and programming spaces as well as a large community gathering space. It will also include the preserved stalls and tack room. Specifically, the new barn will include:

  • A 2,665 square foot multi-purpose community gathering and educational program space. This flexible space will hold up to 178 people for a seated event and host everything from school programs to musical performances, weddings and lectures.
  • A 1,114 square foot changing exhibition gallery to showcase Woodlawn’s treasures, present exhibits from other museums, or local art shows.
  • A 400 square foot kitchen to facilitate the use of the barn for functions and events.
  • A 1,274 square foot lobby which will include a ticket counter, a gift shop, and a small exhibit to orient guests about Woodlawn’s story.
  • Support spaces including staff offices, a meeting room, and work spaces.

Site Improvements

Equally important to the reconstruction of the Carriage Barn, Woodlawn’s grounds will be improved.
These include:

  • New parking areas, hidden in the woods to preserve the character of the estate’s open fields, that will serve 65 cars.
  • New pedestrian pathways that will ensure safe travel across the estate.
  • Site improvements that will facilitate outdoor events that work in harmony with the newly constructed Carriage Barn.
  • New utilities (electrical, telecommunications, and water/sewer) that will facilitate the use of the Carriage Barn for events.
“It’s like living in history; a learning experience they just don’t get out of a book or get on the internet. Woodlawn connects our classroom to the community and to history.”
– Mary Jordan-Carter,
Ellsworth 5th Grade Teacher

Project Budget

The project budget is $8.2 million. The budget includes:

Building Construction $4,000,000
Site Construction $1,000,000
Design and Construction Management $500,000
Contingency $400,000
Enabling Costs (Permitting, utilities, fundraising, funiture and equipment) $300,000
Endowment $2,000,000
Total $8,200,000