Woodlawn Programs

Woodlawn hosts many programs (some free and some for fees) each year including a variety of workshops, a spring and fall lecture series, garden programs, and afternoon teas. Visit our calendar to see what’s happening next

Workshops and Lectures

Explore nature on the Woodlawn estate  by signing up for the fun workshops we have planned for this season. This year we will also celebrate the history of Maine and the Bicentennial with several events throughout the open season, May through October.

Visit our calendar to find out what’s happening next.

School Programs

Woodlawn welcomes school tours and the opportunity to educate students about the rich heritage of the Downeast Region. As students tour the grounds and the 19th century house, and its original interiors, they can experience life in the 1800s while learning about the important role the Black family played in the development of Maine.

Learn more about Woodlawn School Programs.

Agenda and Partners: 2019 Innovations Spring Field Days for 7th & 8th Grade Students

Woodlawn Teachers Institute

The Woodlawn Teachers Institute is a program for teachers, grades 3 to 12 from across the region. Teachers are selected through an application process. As a team, they work on developing curriculum-based programs utilizing Woodlawn’s history, environs, and collections. The Woodlawn Teachers Institute is held biennially, usually in the spring.

The Institute offers teachers 20 hours of training in four sessions. Learn more about Woodlawn Teachers Institute.

Tea Time Tours

Afternoon tea is a guest favorite at Woodlawn and includes the audio tour of the Black House.  Mrs. Irma Eliason, who along with her husband Axel, caretakers at Woodlawn from 1916 to her death in 1970, started this long standing tradition.  In the summer months, we offer Woodlawn’s own blend of delightful tea and an assortment of savory and sweet treats, several of which are historical recipes used by Mrs. Eliason, served on the tea lawn.  During the month of December, we offer the afternoon tea with Woodlawn’s special Holiday Tea, served in the beautifully decorated Black House

Visit our calendar for our Tea Time Tours schedule.

Croquet Court

Croquet at Woodlawn

Woodlawn’s croquet court (85 feet by 105 feet) is Maine’s only tournament sized croquet court. It is open for play from May until October. Although six-wicket croquet is the primary game played at Woodlawn, other games such as nine-wicket and golf croquet, are also played. A variety of other programs and instruction for both seasoned and new players are offered during the season. Regular play on the court is available to the public through a yearly fee or on a play per game basis. Fees include the equipment needed to play. United Sates Croquet Association Members are welcome.