Woodlawn Park

Woodlawn offers over two miles of wooded trails, a championship croquet court, several large fields, orchards and wonderful gardens which combine to create a full palette of color all year long. The park is open daily sunrise to sunset all year long.

Croquet Court

Croquet at WoodlawnWoodlawn’s croquet court (85 feet by 105 feet) is Maine’s only tournament sized croquet court. It is open for play from May until October. Although six-wicket croquet is the primary game played at Woodlawn, other games such as nine-wicket and golf croquet, are also played. A variety of other programs and instruction for both seasoned and new players are offered during the season. Regular play on the court is available to the public through a yearly fee or on a play per game basis. Fees include the equipment needed to play. United Sates Croquet Association Members are welcome.

Tuesday afternoons through the summer and fall, weather permitting, the public is invited to learn the game of golf croquet. From 2 to 4 p.m., the Woodlawn Croquet players are on the court to offer instruction.  $10 to play, equipment available if needed.

Woodlawn Croquet Program – 2019 Participant Form.



Woodlawn Park

Woodlawn’s trails were built as exercise tracks for the Black family’s horses, and later automobiles were driven on them. Today they are used for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, running, and walking. Benches are provided near the peaceful lily pond and other locations for rest and contemplation.
Woodlawn Trail Map
Woodlawn Trail Map
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Stone Walls

Woodlawn Stone Wall

For over 180 years, stone walls have quietly defined Woodlawn’s boundaries. Measuring approximately a mile and half long, their grace and beauty are testament to a traditional New England craft while quietly reminding us of the estate’s agricultural roots. The dry-laid fieldstone walls can be traced to Col. John Black’s use of Woodlawn as a gentleman’s farm, most likely built as fields were cleared for cultivation.