In 1901, forward-thinking citizens on Mount Desert Island formed the Hancock County Trustees of Public Reservations (Trustees) to acquire lands for free public use. Empowered by the Maine Legislature in 1903 to own lands of “scenic beauty, historical significance, scientific study or sanitary value,” the Trustees acquired nearly 5,000 acres. In 1916, they donated their holdings to the United States, forming the core of what became Acadia National Park. Today, the Trustees legacy extends beyond the confines of Acadia National Park to Woodlawn which they have made available for public use and enjoyment since 1929. Click here for more information on the Hancock County Trustees of Public Reservations. Hancock County Trustees of Public Reservations is a 501c3.


The Hancock County Trustees of Public Reservations envisions Hancock County as a unique and special place endowed with a vibrant quality of living, a strong sense of community pride, and an on-going and compelling story to tell.


Under the governance of the Hancock County Trustees of Public Reservations, Woodlawn offers the people of Hancock County and beyond opportunities for recreation and education on a preserved historic estate, and provides connections to the region’s cultural heritage through programs that arouse curiosity and entertain.


We value the lessons of our region’s history and seek to make them relevant to today’s world.

We value the strong sense of place Woodlawn evokes, and in order to perpetuate that strong feeling of appreciation we are committed to preserving the special character of the property and its holdings.

We value the primacy of our guest’s experience and encourage them to find their own sense of satisfaction and enjoyment.

We value Woodlawn’s optimistic, forward-looking, “can do” culture that enables us to pursue sustainable, relevant and entrepreneurial efforts that will serve diverse audiences for many years.

We value our community relationships, and we continually strive to strengthen and develop them through enhanced programming, community leadership, cooperation and collaboration.

We value the fellowship, respect and sense of purpose we experience from our affiliation with Woodlawn and the Hancock Country Trustees of Public Reservations.

We value prudence and consensus in our policymaking, relying heavily on doing our homework and engaging each other in respectful discussion and deliberation.

Strategic Plan

Woodlawn Strategic Plan, adopted in January 2008, is a strategy for growth and new direction that is designed to attract a broader and more diverse visitor, member, and supporter base. Click here to read the plan.